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Deutsche Botschaftsschule Teheran

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PYP Teacher-Librarian

Kennziffer 662 · Erstellt am 23.01.2019

The position of PYP Teacher-Librarian at DBST is considered a teaching position within the organizational chart of the school. The teacher-librarian has responsibilities for developing and maintaining the library collection and facilities relating to the IS classes KG1 to Class 5, collaborating with faculty on the teaching of library and research skills, and planning for and implementing PYP programme improvements.


The outcomes and actions required of this position are as follows;              
Initial Library Development
● Interior design of the library
● Furniture ordering
● Organising and sorting complete library collection, previously in storage
● Creating action plan for development and maintenance of the library
● Entering the entire PYP library collection into the library software system
● Labelling all books and other media in this collection
● Attend Library workshops and training
● Establish a network of librarians and research and PYP professionals
● Making library software system (wirelessly) accessible to students and teachers
● Writing library/librarian handbook
● Incorporate PYP resource books into the library’s non-fiction collection
● Contributing to the writing and implementing of a Mother Tongue policy
● Creating Mother Tongue Collection
● Incorporate Mother Tongue collection into general library collection
● Incorporating Mother Tongue books into the library system and promoting use
● Establishing Farsi book collection in Early Years, Primary and Secondary section
● Incorporating Farsi books into the library system and promoting use
● Contribute to the creation of a school wide policy of Academic Honesty
● Create age appropriate PYP displays and actively involve the students in the use of and interaction with these display
● Research age appropriate magazine subscriptions for Early Years and Primary
● Research suitable educational magazines and publications for staff development
● Set up magazine subscriptions and delivery methods for students and staff
● Set up magazine display and reading area
● Establish resource lists for each UOI taught in KG1 to Year 5
● Establish evaluation system for updating UOI resource lists
● Implement evaluation system for UOI resources used by homeroom teachers
●  Read all PYP documents relating to the IB - PYP programme

Manage and Administer the Library Programme
● Formally and informally evaluate services, facilities, materials and equipment on a continuous basis and modify the programme based on that data analysis

● Implement strategies that simplify the retrieval and use of information by students and staff

● Establish overall goals and plans for the library programme in consultation with administration

● Maintain the PYP library in a safe, attractive and orderly manner, so that it is an inviting and efficient place

● Maintain a current inventory of holdings

● Weed the collection periodically to keep it up-to-date

● Yearly ordering of library materials

● Yearly ordering of teacher resource books

● Liaise with department heads and PYP coordinator regarding yearly book orders

● Change PYP displays on a regular basis

● Maintain the Mother Tongue collection

● Maintain the Farsi Collection

● Maintain resource lists for each UOI being taught throughout the PYP using teacher evaluation system

● Ensure continuation or renewal of magazine subscriptions

● Inform staff of arrival of magazines and publications and distribute suitable articles to school community  on monthly basis

● Incorporate donated books into library collection

● Stay informed of developments within the IB programme and update staff when appropriate

Teach Library and Research Skills
● Actively involve PYP students in their own learning, using methods consistent with the inquiry-based approach advocated by IB

● Work with PYP classroom teachers in the design and implementation of lessons or units tied to classroom instruction

● Develop strategies that enable students to access, evaluate and use information effectively

● Promote the development and enjoyment of reading in all content areas and for recreation

● Actively encourage students to voluntarily use the library and its services

● Actively encourage and monitor that PYP students loan books on a weekly basis that are appropriate to their reading level and general development

●     Ensure the library has a positive atmosphere and inviting layout, including regular displays, theme areas, and general cleanliness

● Actively encourage and monitor the Academic Honesty Policy is being respected by teachers, management and students

● Actively promote the use of the Mother Tongue collection

● Maintain the children’s interest and involvement in the PYP displays

● Actively promote the use of the Farsi Collection

● Encourage students to be involved in the running of the library

Participate in school-wide initiatives
● Participate in professional growth activities and keep current on issues related to library services

Participate in the planning and implementation of the school’s long-range strategic plan as appropriate

Organise activities that engage the school community, such as book fairs, book week, guest artists/ speakers and other events that promote literacy






07:30 - 16:00


minimum 2 years



  • Schule

  • Vorschule und Kindergarten

Weitere Informationen

● Follows the guidelines of the school’s protective behaviour policies and protocols, including reporting any situation that might constitute a health and/or safety hazard to students or school employees
● Update Library Handbook annually
● Perform other duties  (e.g. report card committee and report card proof reading)

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