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Deutsche Internationale Schule Changchun




Frank Pitzner



Deutsche Internationale Schule Changchun

2899 Dong Nan Hu Da Lu
Changchun 130033, Jilin Province

Volksrepublik China

English language teacher/ homeroom teacher

Kennziffer 1438 · Erstellt am 03.05.2022

We are looking for a new teammember: to extend our bilingual programme we are looking for a qualified English language/homeroom teacher for our primary school. We are the german section of the CAIS Changchun American International School. We teach according to the German curriculum



•    maintaining a personal and professional commitment to the school’s mission and philosophy

•    maintaining professional ethical standards in all areas, particularly confidentiality

•    ensuring consistent implementation of school policies and procedures relating to the curriculum

•    compiling accurate reports for all students, twice a year

•    work collaboratively with others to develop effective professional relationships

•    communicate effectively with parents with regards to pupils’ achievements and well-being using school systems/processes as appropriate

•    collaborating in making this school a truly bilingual learning environment

•    make a positive contribution to the wider life and ethos of the school


•    teaching according to the german curriculum Mathematics, Science as part of the Topic No Subject Program, home room teacher (if needed) and collaborate with the German colleagues on a daily basis: Preparation of topics, methods and strategies of teaching and learning

•    Using a range and balance of teaching strategies

•    Use grouping strategies using a variety of different learning situations

•    Viewing students as thinkers with their own emerging theories

•    building on what students bring to the learning experience in the way of prior understanding, knowledge and skills

•    using a variety of resources representing multiple perspectives

•    empowering students to feel responsible and to take action, involving students

•    maintaining constant awareness of the needs of any children to whom English is a second or even a third or fourth language

•    delivering the curriculum as relevant to the age and subject/s that you teach

•    being aware of students’ capabilities, their prior knowledge and planning teaching and differentiation as appropriate

•    Ensuring the documentation of curricula units and lesson plans on the platform and within the timelines set forth by the administration

Professional management of self, planning and reflection:

•    Work, support, liaise and plan as necessary, with specialist staff, support teachers and the PYP coordinator.

•    Plan, in line with the internal calendar, to meet deadlines.

•    Ensure that weekly planning is available and long term schemes of work are planned for the year.

•    Ensure that you take part in collaborative planning, when required.


•    Provide a stimulating, challenging and attractively arranged classroom, with displays that reflect the work that is being done.

•    Develop additional resources to supplement existing ones and for differentiation.

•    Remember that you are a teacher of English first and create resources facilitating the acquisition of English. eg. Word Banks etc.

•    Ensure that you become familiar with the use of the Smart board, Macbook and iPads and use it

•    Use the appropriate resources for the students in your class from what is available, and promote the care and respect for all materials we use in school.

Pastoral Care:

•    Maintain good relationships with students and exercising appropriate authority

•    Be a role model and demonstrate the school` values proactively

•    Have high expectations of behavior, promoting self-control and independence of all learners

•    Be responsible for the supervision of the students at break and lunchtimes and carry out any other duties as agreed with the Principal.


•    Use an appropriate range of observation, assessment, monitoring and recording strategies as a basis for setting challenging learning objectives for students and monitoring students’ progress and levels

•    Making accurate and productive use of assessment to secure students’ progress

•    Give students regular feedback

•    Use relevant data to monitor progress, set targets, and plan subsequent lessons




from now


fulltime, parttime


two years, possibility of contract extension


Name of role & job purpose:

•    Elementary english language teacher (and homeroom teacher, if needed)

•    The job holder’s key accountability will be to deliver the Primary Years Program (German Curriculum) at the designated grade level (K-5) / subject area, within the values, beliefs and philosophy of the school and the DISC Curriculum: Topics NO Subjects, bilingual approach (willingness to teach with a co teacher (team teaching), age mixed classroom, inquiry approach, student oriented!

•    Willingness to learn about and to study the german curriculum 

Ideal Qualities of a primary school teacher:

•    Personal and intellectual qualities required to set examples to others.

•    Ability to work on own initiative and be proactive.

•    Willingness to work in a multilingual team and to plan, prepare and discuss teaching matters with others. Ready for team teaching.

•    Flexibility, drive, energy and enthusiasm.

•    Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

•    Three years of full-time recent teaching experience, preferably at an international school and in the subject area for which the application is being made

•    Bachelor’s degree or Master degree in the field of instruction for positions in grades K-through 4

•    Knowledge of modern teaching methods, IT knowledge and knowledge how to use IT also online-teaching

•    English Native Speaker or Nativ Speaker level

•    German language an asset, otherwise willingness and ability to learn German language

•    IB PYP experience an asset



  • Schule


  • Dem 2. Staatsexamen (Lehramt) vergleichbarer, anerkannter Abschluss


  • Grundschule/Primarstufe

  • Primarstufe/Sek 1


  • Englisch

Weitere Informationen


Please send your CV, application and references to

Principal:  and
excecutive assistant:

Bitte beziehen Sie sich in Ihrer Bewerbung auf Vielen Dank!

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